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Corporate Communications
Claire Regan
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Ingredion Incorporated
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Identity Standards

Last Update May, 2012

Welcome to the Ingredion Identity Standard Web site. This explains how to use the Ingredion logo, and includes downloadable, print-quality eps and jpg files.

The logo, as presented here, is the official and only logo to be used to identify Ingredion as a corporation. Any questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to Ingredion's Corporate Communications department at 708-551-2604, or via e-mail at,

  • The Ingredion logo may be reduced or enlarged, but the height-to-width ratio cannot be altered. Do not attempt to remake them with your own image manipulation or desktop publishing applications. Use the graphics provided.
  • The Ingredion logo consists of the logomark (the circular design of straight and gradually upward curving lines) and the logotype (the words Ingredion).
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  • Do not use the logomark alone or as a graphic device. The Logomark is the circular graphic of straight and gradually upward curving lines.
  • Color Basics:
    • The light green logomark and the dark gray logotype is preferred. Always strive to use this version.
    • Specify Ingredion Light Green (pms 369, cmyk 67 0 98 5, rgb 108 179 63, html 6cb33e)
    • Specify Ingredion Dark Gray (pms Cool Gray 11, cmyk 0 0 0 82, rgb 102 102 102, html 4d4f53)
    • When you must use one color, all-black is preferable.
  • Font Specifications:
    • For text in all professionally prepared and typeset materials, including mailings, product packaging, company literature, convention and trade show exhibitions, advertising, public relations, and ad specialty and promotional items, the preferred type font is FF Milo Pro. Gill Sans MT may also be used.
    • For headlines, call-out and accented text, Times New Roman may be used.
    • For internal communications and person-to-person correspondence, Arial is recommended.


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If you have technical questions regarding this Web page, please send an e-mail to or leave a voice mail at 708-551-2604. 

Thank you for helping to protect the Ingredion brand identity.