Green Solutions

Ingredion Incorporated offers innovative, nature-based ingredients and functional additives for multiple industrial segments by leveraging its polymer technology platforms for customers around the world.

Utilizing an integrated portfolio of polymer ingredients including modified starches, polyols, dextrins, and liquids that offer renewable, cost effective solutions, Green Solutions provides quantifiable value for customers via biopolymer offerings that meet long term sustainability needs.

Starch-based biopolymers can be customized to provide desirable performance benefits.  They allow many forms of modification versus other bio-gums or hydrocolloids, and they exhibit a wide range of textures and rheological profiles.

Our innovative new biomaterials ingredients include:

  • Starch based products for replacements of polyethylene and polypropylene in bioplastics
  • Replacement of synthetic additives used for encapsulation in laundry detergents and fabric conditioners
  • Process aids for urea-formaldehyde reduction in glass fiber insulation and mats

Renewable starch replacements may be used in:

Semi-durable and durable plastics, glass fiber, formulated polymers and industrial emulsions, construction compounds, and fabric and home care.

Did you know?

  • Biomaterials also raise bio-based content and reduce how much non-renewable waste is sent to landfills.