Win at the shelf with personalised health

Give consumers the health benefits they are looking for in their food and beverages

Consumers today are taking a proactive approach in maintaining their health

71% of them find it important to choose products that “positively boost my nutrition” or “benefit how my body functions”1. 47% of them use online or app-based services for personalised nutrition recommendations2. And 1 in 3 use food and beverage to manage a digestive health condition3.

“Is this item sugar-reduced?”, “I need fibre for digestion!”, “Zero calories? Perfect.”

Rather than looking for products that deliver overall health benefits, consumers now seek functional ingredients that can help them meet specific health goals. They want products that are “made for me”.

To win at the shelf, brands need to offer tailored solutions. They need to deliver products that offer the right mix of health benefits without overlooking taste AND overall eating experience.

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Consumers are willing to pay more for healthier choices

Even amidst inflation and rising food prices, consumers continue to show their willingness to pay a premium for products that share their ideals and expectations for “better”.

This presents a huge opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers. Brands with consumer-preferred benefits like gut-health, sugar reduction, fat-free, and more will find themselves in the best possible position to build pricing resilience and drive business growth.

What exactly are consumers willing to pay more for? We take a closer look:

Ingredion ATLAS 2023: Most consumers are willing to pay more for

Win at the shelf with personalised health

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Own the AND

Consumers’ interest in health may be on the rise, but we mustn’t forget that taste remains the primary driver of purchase decisions4. Health, taste AND indulgence — consumers want them all. To meet their demands, brands must not only understand the nuances of healthy ingredients, but also balance them with taste, texture AND the overall eating experience. Now more than ever, food manufacturers need to Own the ANDSM.

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Lead with labels

Half of global consumers check labels to see if products are nutritious, healthy, or good for wellness, and 61% of them agree that health claims or labels have a major influence on their purchasing decision. Product labels are a brand’s direct line of communication with consumers at the shelf. How they show up is especially crucial. A cohesive label strategy is therefore essential for capturing consumer attention at the shelf.

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Pursue a value-added reformulation strategy

Consumers’ focus on personalised health presents numerous opportunities for tailored reformulation and innovation. Working with solutions experts like Ingredion will give you access to the tools, insights, and expertise you need to overcome formulation challenges to create more consumer value and gain share in today’s rapidly evolving market.

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Own the ANDSM to meet consumer demands for personalised health

Find out how you can (re)formulate for health and increase wallet share without sacrificing taste, texture AND eating experience. 

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Consumer trends that are shaping the demand for food and beverages

At Ingredion, we develop deep regional consumer insights and expertise to help you decode the consumer preference unique to your brand. We are your ideal partner in developing the future of food, from drawing relevant insights to fuel innovation, to using our expertise and skills to help you turn opportunities into real solutions that consumers love.

Here are some themes we have explored:

Elevated eating and drinking experiences

Consumers are looking for new yet convenient ways to dish up nutritious and indulgent meals at home that give them the eating experience of restaurants and cafes. Explore how you can bundle up a meal that gives consumers an eating experience that ticks all the right boxes.

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Snacking season

Healthy AND affordable foods

Indulgent, tasty, AND nutritious – consumers want it all in their snacks. Catch up on the insightful discussions, engaging concepts and innovative ideas that were shared during our Snacking from Day to Night webinar.

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Dairy story

Yoghurt has become the preferred food that APAC consumers turn to for an indulgent eating occasion. We’ve put together resources and toolkits to help you decode and achieve just the right formulation that delivers the indulgence your consumers desire.

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Indulgent eating for stress relief

Examine the link between food and mental wellness, and how this drives food innovation. Here, we uncover three key opportunities for food manufacturers.

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