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COVID-19 Ingredion Regional Insights Series - Relieving boredom

At the end of 2019 no one forecasted Covid-19 and since then many countries have experienced some form of panic grocery buying and changes in the foodservice channel. As your partner, we tasked ourselves to look at how the dominant trends would play out in the post panic stage. Would trends be paused, become irrelevant or hastened?

We identified key ideas per trend that you can tap into for growth. If you are keen to know what solutions Ingredion can offer and how we can help shorten your development time, speak with our team today.

Managing self - Relieving boredom

COVID-19 has brought the world into uncharted waters. Social distancing, quarantines and working-from-home bring profound changes to normal routines for people of all ages and walks of life. Day and night, weekday and weekend blend into each other, people need activity makers to demarcate zones and mentally transition between them.  This is how snacking plays a role.  Here are some ideas how snacking can create highlights through the day:

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Sugar confectionery

When kids are not in the mood for play time, snacking could be the next activity to keep boredom at bay. Fruits or vegetables are ideal but small doses of sweets such as gummies can be a smarter option. Typically fortified with vitamins and minerals, gelatine-free or lower in sugar,  differentiating these popular treats with a soft, mochi-like texture keeps it fun and more suited for younger kids. Premium sweets like these may become a big hit – perhaps not only among kids but with adults too. 

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds are traditional snacks eaten while chatting with family and friends.  The resounding crunch gives it license to snack on them whenever boredom hits. With consumers looking for crunch and indulgence from snacks they eat, upgrading to coated nuts fits in both attributes. They may not only appeal among nostalgic adults but can also cater to a new and younger group of consumers in the future.

Ice cream

Enjoying ice cream are little luxurious moments in their own right. And it is possible to heighten the experience with textural experimentation, blending creamy and smooth with chewy mochi in each bite. Picking up ice cream by its fluffy body to nibble in hand creates more playful eating as well. 

Salty snacks

The lack of social interaction could be a big deal. For some, not being able to meet with friends or with activities restricted could mean serious boredom. When people binge on a Netflix series or missed programs to kill time, self-indulging on salty snacks such as chips will also seem to be moment-appropriate.  With about 40% of Asian consumers saying they are unhealthy,  it is an opportunity to offer unique and tasty products that are also better-for-you.2  Through pulses, chips get an instant revamp: unique in texture, natural in image and also a better option for a millennial’s lifestyle. 

Sparkling coffee

Conversations flow over coffee with friends and with self- or government imposed movement restrictions in place, consumers may look to experiment more with their java at home to bring a spark to their day. The fourth wave of coffee brought along the sense of exploration that produced hybrids between coffee and other beverage categories. Sparkling coffee marries coffee and soda beverages to give a caffeine kick that is thirst quenching and fun at the same time.


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