FOAMATION™ Q 200 foaming agent

Develop beverages with foamy freshness for memorable drinking experiences

Satisfy consumers’ thirst for fresher, more natural drinks with just the right balance of bubbles and foam to excite the eyes and taste buds alike. With FOAMATIONTM Q 200 and Ingredion’s expertise, you can deliver drinks with longer-lasting, more authentic foam and ‘natural’ labels, while controlling costs and ensuring a sustainable supply. Create winning recipes for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, juice drinks, beer (including non-alcoholic varieties) and more.

Fresher bubbles with naturally-sourced FOAMATION™ Q 200 foaming agent

Consumers want freshness in their fruit-based drinks, carbonated soft drinks, standard or n0n-alcoholic beers, a freshness clearly shown by a lasting foam. They are also looking for simple, natural ingredients on labels - not chemical-sounding names like propylene glycol alginates (PGAs). Fortunately, you can use FOAMATION™ Q 200, a natural foaming agent, to achieve superior foam stability—while controlling costs and a ‘natural’ label claim. 


Made from quillaia extract from the Chilean soapbark tree, FOAMATION™ Q 200 contains natural surfactants called saponins, which stabilise the water-air interface of bubbles. Without these active foam stabilisers, bubbles burst before the foam or froth forms. The diagram below shows how FOAMATION™ Q 200 prevents bubbles from coalescing, ensuring your customers enjoy longer-lasting foam.


FOAMATION™ Q 200 is a liquid that disperses instantly, needing no time to hydrate, unlike PGAs. Requiring low usage levels (ppm), it is easy to formulate within a broad range of pH levels and temperatures without changing taste or aroma. In frozen carbonated beverages, the foaming agent helps entrap more air, improving overrun, or the volume of entrapped air, improving both mouthfeel and cost efficiencies.


Naturally-sourced FOAMATION™ Q 200 is cultivated by the industry’s leading supplier of quillaia products, using responsible and sustainable agriculture practices certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). So you can be confident of a consistent, reliable supply of this high quality foaming agent, with the added benefit of Ingredion’s proven formulation and applications expertise.

FOAMATION™ foaming agent

Create freshness, froth and foam.

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