VERSAFIBE™ 1490 Dietary Fiber - 06400400

Create high-fiber foods without compromising taste and texture

Today’s consumers are hungry for more fiber—but as you work to raise the fiber content of your products, you must overcome the unappealing effects fiber can often have on taste, texture and appearance. 

Now, VERSAFIBE™ dietary fiber is here to help you provide the fiber-rich and reduced-calorie products consumers want while delivering just-right taste and texture in your bakery products, cereals, snacks, pastas and more.

Solve the taste and texture issues of fiber fortification

Adding fiber comes with the formulation challenge of balancing the positive health benefits and label claims against the potentially negative impact of fiber on taste, texture and appearance. Not anymore. New VERSAFIBE™ dietary fiber is a novel insoluble fiber that has little or no impact on taste, color or texture. It can improve the texture of crackers, cereals, pastas and snacks while reducing calories and offering processing ease and reduced cost-in-use.

Boost content and strengthen claims

You can raise fiber content and win in the label-to-label comparisons taking place in grocery aisles. Your products may be able to feature claims like “good source of fiber” or “excellent source of fiber” as well as “gluten-free,” stimulating trial and repeat purchases. 

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HI-SET 322 Modified Food Starch

Product Type: Modified Food Starch

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