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Gelatin replacement: a key challenge for formulators

With the price of Gelatin increasing and the availability of supply limited, Gelatin replacement has become a key priority for product development teams.

That’s where Ingredion can work with you to come up cost effective solutions through our Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, we can help you save money in your recipes, and still make your products successful.

Save smarter without compromising deliciousness

Your recipes are the essence of your brand. We work closely with you to preserve their integrity while uncovering savings.

Here are just a few solutions for Gelatin replacement:

  • PRECISA GEL03 provides gelatin replacement in dairy products
  • ELASTIGEL 1000J starch can replace gelatin in dairy products
  • DAIRYBLEND YG-AG & DAIRYBLEND YG-AG Natural are blends to replace gelatin in dairy products

Achieving the delicious balance of recipe perfection and healthy margins is made possible through our deep formulation knowhow and broad functional ingredients portfolio. Let’s work together to make your great recipes work harder.

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Increase the nutritional profile of your products

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Remove ingredients to improve your products

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Make your products more attractive with consumers


Extend the shelf life of your products

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Create stand out products

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Creating safe and healthy products

Recipe savings 

Building back texture when taking out cost

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Create superior gluten free products

Reduce manufacturing costs 

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