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Keep labels clean and consumers happy

Consumers are choosing clean label products all over the world. 

A clean label can make all the difference, ensuring that your product is chosen over and over again. Yet, when you have complex functionality needs, clean labels can present an additional challenge. Whatever your application and product challenge is, we have the right solution. 


NOVATION® functional starches helped fuel the clean label movement two decades ago. Our pioneering work meant you could get the texture and stability of a modified starch but with a simpler ingredient listing of “corn starch.” Since then, we’ve broadened our clean label portfolio to include functional starches of all types, functional flours, pulse and sweeteners  - including non-GMO and organic options.

Discover our next generation clean label HOMECRAFT CREATE® multifunctional tapioca flours. Compared to alternative substitutes, they deliver improved flavour, texture stability over shelf life and creaminess. Additionally, they provide a label declaration with greater consumer appeal in terms of natural and simple perceptions.

When you work with us to bring clean labels to market, you benefit from years of experience and leading-edge achievements in clean label innovation. 

HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours

Get everything you need from one amazing line of flours.

Explore our clean and simple challenges

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Natural ingredients no e numbers

Clean labels 

Create products with consumer recognisable ingredients


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