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Global health and nutrition trends primarily focus on adding ingredients for “nutrition plus,” but consumers are also interested in reducing or eliminating ingredients “nutrition minus”. This plus/minus juxtaposition in what consumers want—fortification by protein, fibre and other nutritional ingredients and less or no sugar, fat and calories—is just part of the health and nutrition story.

Consumers seek benefits in key areas that often relate to their stage of life: digestive and blood sugar health; simple “free from” labels with their healthy halo; and energy and weight management appealing to all generations. Consumers want to feel the benefits, and products have to be both delicious and affordable.  

Many goals at once

The complexities for you are enormous. How do you add fibre to cereal and keep it visually appealing and tasty? What kind of protein works best in nutrition bars—and how much? What’s the balance of bulk and sweetness when sugar is cut by half? How can you add benefits and subtract undesirable ingredients—to appeal to a health-conscious parent purchasing food for the family?

The challenges—your challenges—that arise directly from the trends are what drive us at Ingredion Idea Labs™ Innovation centres. When you combine our nutrition expertise, consumer research, clinically proven proprietary ingredients and concept-to-launch capabilities, you are empowered to create one-of-a-kind products that taste great and bring consumers the health benefits they desire. Our new product development process naturally includes cost optimisation, an element you don’t often see in the value-added nutrition arena.

Stay ahead

You’ll find a stream of new health and nutrition product ideas and solutions from the Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres. Our researchers, scientists, nutritionists and regulatory experts are already working on the next trends and health benefits so you can stay ahead with clinical science you can trust. Collaborate with us.

The experts of Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres can help you overcome the challenges to meet the trends.

Weight management

Protein is strongly connected to the weight wellness trend[1] with 40% of consumers agreeing that protein was an important factor in trying a different food or beverage brand.[2]

Digestive health

According to our research, digestive health is a top consumer concern, and, with the aging of the Baby Boomer generation, the market is only going to grow. Mintel GNPD cited digestive claims as the top nutrition claim worldwide in the last 5 years.

Early life nutrition

Parents and caregivers want only the purest and healthiest formulas and milks for infants and toddlers.

Clinical nutrition

With the aging population comes the need for products for people with special nutritional needs and intolerances to get functional, high-quality nourishment.

Clean and simple

Consumers worldwide are scrutinising labels for simple, familiar ingredients, regarding them as healthier options. Proprietary 2012 research shows 77.9% of New Zealand consumers find it important that they recognise a product’s ingredients.[3]

Sugar Reduction

Today’s health and nutrition-conscious consumers are searching for the same sweetness and texture experience they love in products that contain less sugar and fewer calories. 

Solving your product challenges is our purpose. Together, we can boost the nutritional power of your foods and beverages—and create products consumers trust and enjoy. Innovate with us.

[1] HealthFocus international, 2014
[2] New Nutrition Business, 10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2015, November/December 2014
[3] Roy Morgan Reseacrh, research commissioned by Ingredion, Dec 2012


A breakthrough in sweetness

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Explore our health and nutrition challenges

Nutrition plus 

Increase the nutritonal profile of your products

Digestive health 

Make more products more attractive to consumers

Nutrition minus 

Building back texture when removing ingredients

Reduce sugar 

Make your products more attractive with consumers

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Creating safe and healthy products

Gluten free 

Create superior gluten free products


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