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Virtual lab. Real solutions.

Turn a scribble on the back of a napkin into a new beverage with the help of Ingredion Idea Labs™ science-based problem solving. Step in and discover intriguing concepts, tested recipes, expert advice and more to help you create breakthrough beverages.

Inside Idea Labs

Developing ideas. Delivering solutions.

We are a global ingredient solutions company which makes starches and flours from plant sources such as corn, tapioca, rice and potato. We provide solutions and innovate for almost 60 industry sectors across more than 100 countries. In Australia our focus is providing ingredient solutions for the food, beverage and packaging sectors.

Our passion is delivering innovative, cost-effective ingredient solutions to keep you ahead of trends. Let’s see what’s possible working together. Whether you operate on a global or local scale, we’ll work to keep you ahead of trends and help improve your profitability.

HOMECRAFT® CREATE Tapioca flours

Smoother, creamier textures to wow the consumer

Find out how tapioca flours can entice consumers.

Explore key trends

Clean and Simple

Feature Description

Health and nutrition 

Health and Nutrition

Sensory experience 

Sensory Experience



Convenience and performance 

Convenience and Performance

Solve a challenge

Clean label 

Consumer friendly ingredients

Nutrition plus 

Increase the nutritional profile of your products

Digestive health 

Increase health and wellness

Nutrition minus 

Remove ingredients to improve your products

Reduce sugar 

Make your products more attractive with consumers


Extend the shelf life of your products

Eating and drinking experience 

Create stand out products

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Creating safe and healthy products

Recipe savings 

Building back texture when taking out cost

Gluten free 

Create superior gluten free products

Reduce manufacturing costs 

Learn how Ingredion can work with your team


Develop Products without allergens

Discover our applications

Bakery and snacks 

Increase the consumer appeal of your bakery and snack products

Batters and coatings 

Create differentiated textures


Emulsification, encapsulation, sugar reduction and more


Creating great textures and achieve shelf life stability

Clinical and infant nutrition 

Ensuring product safety and nutrition

Colours and flavours 

Replace expensive ingredients


Improve yield, texture and consumer appeal


Create great textures and improve product quality
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