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Transform almost any liquid into free-flowing powder

N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent helps streamline formulation and production

Discover the ingredient that redefines plating. N-ZORBIT 2144 plating agent allows you to transform a broad array of oil- and water-soluble liquids – including thick honey and chocolate syrups – into cost-effective powders that not only flow freely through processing equipment but also mix evenly into your food and beverage formulations.

This nature-based carrier has a unique porous structure that absorbs high concentrations of flavor, allowing you to deliver the innovative spices, flavors and actives that today’s consumers demand.

N-ZORBIT™ is a next generation plating agent with a porous structure that exposes increased surface area to liquids, facilitating absorption. Due to the non-gelatinized and unique granular structure of the ingredient, it can carry high flavor concentrations, achieving optimal particle size and low bulk density.

The flavor carrier’s structure and composition contribute to a plating capacity that can be as high as 40 percent. You’ll find that 100 grams of N-ZORBIT 2144 can plate up to 70 grams of liquid, leading to operational efficiencies and cost savings.


Achieve more intense flavors

A magnified view of N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent reveals the porous surface that makes its granules high-capacity carriers.

N-ZORBIT™ 2144 plating agent adds efficiency to your formulation. The flowable powder is easy to blend and won’t stick to equipment or require you to invest in new infrastructure. Low-dust powder means safer handling for operators and employees working on your production line.

In addition, the carrier demonstrates less caking and clumping than other plating agents, a feature that can help improve your product’s shelf life.

N-ZORBIT™ allows you to produce highly concentrated actives and vibrant flavors in small volumes of powder, leading to lower cost-in-use and packaging costs. You’ll also find that the concentrated flavors can reduce storage and transportation expenses.

Use the carrier as a cost-saving alternative to spray drying for delivery of less sensitive actives that don’t require encapsulation for protection.

Absorbs and transforms

The plating technology you need to deliver the tastes consumers love.

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