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NOVELOSE™ 3490 Dietary Fibre


If there’s one health benefit today’s consumers understand and want, it’s fibre. The increasing incidence of diabetes and obesity, and rising awareness of preventing such health issues via a healthy diet, have driven the demand for high-fibre foods in Australia and New Zealand.

As you work to enrich the fibre content of your products, you have to overcome the unappealing effects fibre can often have on taste, texture and appearance. Now, NOVELOSE™ tapioca based dietary fibre can help you provide the fibre-rich and reduced- calorie products consumers want while delivering just the right taste and texture in your bread, baked goods, pasta, noodles and extruded cereal and snacks.

Key features
  • Insoluble type 4 resistant starch
  • Offers little or no impact on taste, colour or texture
  • Similar water holding capacity to wheat flour for processing ease
  • Reduced cost in use
  • Gluten free
  • Made in Thailand
  • Resistant Starch label 


NOVELOSE® 3490 is now Low FODMAP certified

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