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Q-NATURALE® 200 quillaja extract

Green, clean, sustainable

Q-NATURALE® 200 liquid emulsifier is derived from the Quillaja Saponaria Molina tree which is native to Chile, this emulsifier is extracted by a natural process allowing it to be a naturally-derived liquid emulsifier, its primary use is used in a range of clear beverages, including popular functional and flavoured waters. This emulsifier produces very stable emulsions without the use of any weighting agents through achieving an emulsion droplet size of less than 0.15 micron. Q-NATURALE® 200 liquid emulsifier can deliver challenging natural colours such as beta caratone into beverages without the need of weighting agents. This naturally derived emulsifier satisfies consumer demand for high quality, low cost drinks, while providing beverage manufacturers with a highly stable cost-effective alternative.

Political and climatic issues often impact the production of traditional emulsification options, subjecting manufacturers to price fluctuations and supply chain strains. Q-NATURALE® 200 liquid emulsifier eliminates these obstacles to productivity. A well-established supply chain minimises cost fluctuations so brand integrity and a consistent product offering are always secured.

Consumer trends drive beverage innovation

In today's society consumers are taking a more proactive approach in boosting their nutritional intake, which means nutritional, functional and flavoured waters now have real consumer appeal. The natural trend continues to be a key purchase driver, with drinks bearing natural claims increasingly perceived as ‘purer’, ‘better for you’ and ‘healthier.’

Q-NATURALE® 200 liquid emulsifier helps to exploit the growing trend towards clear beverages, that are natural. This natural emulsifier is a powerful surfactant that can be used to produce very high oil load emulsions. Our product is compatable with natural colours, enabling drink manufacturers to create clear, coloured beverages, in addition to helping simplify formulations and labels due to not requiring a weighting agent. Effective and easy to use, Q-NATURALE® 200 liquid emulsifier enables beverage manufacturers using oil in water emulsions to meet growing consumer demand for refreshing clear beverages complete with a natural positioning.

Q-Naturale® 200 emulsifier

The clear choice for natural emulsification

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