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Clean & simple

What consumers really want

It’s essential to understand what consumers are truly seeking in food and beverages so that you can launch successful, on trend products that meet their needs.

When you work with us, you’ll have exclusive access to our proprietary market research and consumer insights, including ongoing clean label surveys of consumers in 9 countries. Consumer insights fuel our innovation process, resulting in market-leading products your consumers will love.

You can also gain an edge with “our front-end innovation process”, which identifies market signals and changes. This allows us to mobilise research and development teams to help you address emerging needs at the earliest possible point.

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Consumers actively seek natural ingredients. According to consumer research, natural claims on the front of packaging positively influence their purchasing decisions.

56% of Australian consumers see “no artificial ingredients” as the most appealing label on the front of food and drink packaging, while 54% of Australian consumers see “natural/all natural” as most appealing.  73% of consumers would even consider switching brands for a no additives/ no e-numbers claim.

Our NOVATION® and HOMECRAFT® range can help support natural claims for your products.


Consumers increasingly want minimally processed products made from a simple list of recognised ingredients. In fact, 79% of Australian consumers find it important that they recognise a product’s ingredients.

We can help you get the functionality you need from fewer ingredients and build consumer confidence in your brand.

Clean Labels

When your products are made from simple ingredients people understand – without things perceived as undesirable – you build trust from the moment they read the label.

Collaborate with us for insights on consumer perception of ingredients. For instance, we know which ingredients consumers think of as “familiar”, such as flour, and which remain “unfamiliar”. You can formulate exciting products with all the taste and texture consumers expect – and nothing they want to avoid.

HOMECRAFT® Create multi-functional rice flours

Get everything you need from one amazing line of flours.

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