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Animal Nutrition

Make animals healthy and owners happy    

Today’s pet owners are passionate about supporting the health and happiness of their four-legged friends. In fact, almost 4 in 10 households had a dog1, with 3 in 10 having a cat2 and they are very much considered part of the family.

With consumer demand becoming increasingly dynamic and the “humanization of pets” propelling innovation, you have a lot to consider—from functionality and health benefits to the research behind ingredients, sustainability and sourcing considerations, and more.

Additionally, owners of cattle, swine, poultry and aquaculture farms are looking to ensure livestock health, minimizing distress and maintaining or increasing animal production. Work with us to formulate next-generation feed, food and treats to satisfy ever-more discerning pet and livestock owners.   


Make pets and their owners happy with on-trend pet foods that combine high quality with nutritional value and clean labels. With our ingredient solutions and innovation expertise, you can answer demand for digestive and immune health benefits, grain-free solutions, and products made with simple and non-GMO ingredients. When you work with us, you can:

  • Take advantage of a wide range of binding and texture ingredients, including tapioca and potato starches and pulse flours
  • Deliver digestive and immune health benefits with FORTIFEED® prebiotic soluble fibre
  • Improve functionality, reduce breakage and improve the appearance of your end products
  • Deliver clean label declarations, from pure and simple ingredients to non-GMO and organic
  • Differentiate with grain-free and gluten-free
  • Develop allergen-free products with non-allergenic starch systems
  • Use our corn and tapioca-based resistant starch to reduce the calories in treats and chews while maintaining appeal to pets

Look to us to help you create food and treats that will win approval from pets and pet parents who care for them. Innovate with us.

“Do the little things well” is a basic mantra while raising livestock. Vital management of the smallest areas of your business can reap big rewards. Reducing animal stress, improving nutrient absorption and lowering feed costs can offset many inherent productivity and profitability risks.

Try our ingredient and feed solutions, ranging from prebiotic fibre, starches to pulse. Tap into our expertise to help you navigate market volatility and meet your production goals.


  • FORTIFEED® prebiotic fibre
  • Corn, Potato, Tapioca and Rice Starches
  • HOMECRAFT CREATE® Pulse flours
  • VITESSENCE® Pulse Protein


1. Dog Food in Australia, Euromonitor International, May 2017 
2. Cat Food in Australia, Euromonitor International, May 2017 

Add Appeal to your pet foods

Create high-performing pet food products. 

Get superior functionality and chew quality

Create high functionality pet food with a gluten-free, clean label flour

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