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Breakthrough beverages

Today’s consumers are thirsty for better-for-you beverages as consumers have become more health conscious. Drinks with less sugar, more nutrients and an energy boost?  Are they craving pure and simple ingredients, with novel flavours? Or gulping down beverages with added fibre, protein or prebiotics?  We can help you get to market faster with what consumers want - often reducing your costs at the same time.​ Our Ingredion Idea Labs™ experts and culinologists will work with you to quickly create beverage concepts with intriguing flavours, sweetness without sugar, and frothy freshness.

Refreshing innovation

Our beverage ingredients help you address specific formulation, production challenges and consumer trends.  Working alongside you, we will use our DIAL-IN® Sweetness Technology to help you quickly achieve just the right sweetness profile and flavours in your drinks. Take a sip of our DIAL-IN® Texture Technology to cut time and costs on the way to improving your product’s likability. We will match you with the best solution from our portfolio of sweeteners.

Create more robust and authentic sports drinks, functional beverages and near-water drinks with oil-based flavours. Deliver nutrients naturally in vitamin waters or other clear beverages. Make your drinks and juices look fresher and more appealing, with authentic looking, long lasting foam. All achieveable with Q-NATURALE® quillaja extract.

  • Achieve the taste of sugar they love from the first sip to the last, with our nature based, low-calorie ENLITEN® high-intensity sweetener made from the Stevia rebaudiana bertoni plant.
  • Reduce sugar and calories in your beverages with an equally good drinking experience, using our proprietary BIOLIGOTM and SWEETISTM sweetener systems.
  • Go natural by replacing chemically-derived weighting agents with our naturally-sourced plant extracts and improve the stability of your natural colours with our range of natural emulsifiers such as our Q-NATURALE® quillaja extract.
  • Create unique nutrient beverages with signature textures, while trimming costs and getting to market faster with our N-DULGE ® texturisers.
  • Deliver the sweet juices and shelf-stable drinks that consumers love, while adding prebiotic soluble fibre which is proven to promote immune and digestive health using our BIOLIGO® galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS).
  • Reduce sugar and fat without losing appeal with NUTRAFLORA® natural prebiotic soluble fibre. It delivers 30% of the sweetness of sugar and only 1.5 kcal/gram. 

Cost effective solutions in beer

Looking for ways to save money in brewing? Trying to develop a beer with more froth and foam and a more delicious mouthfeel than other lagers? Talk to the experts at Ingredion.

  • Make your beer lighter and more appealing to consumers while saving money at the same time, with our corn starch and corn syrup brewing adjuncts.
  • Create lighter, more authentic flavours by using our glucose syrup directly in the fermentation process.
  • Satisfy consumers’ thirst for fresher, more natural drinks with just the right balance of bubbles and foam to tempt their taste buds using our FOAMATION® foaming agent
  • Create full-bodied texture in your full strength or light beers with our BIOLIGO® mouthfeel enhancers.

Useful information

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FOAMATION™ Q 200 foaming agent

Great foams and froths with great stability. Watch the video for more information.

The FOAMATION trademark is owned by Desert King International.
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