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Plastic cutlery

Evolving BioPolymers

Reduce your carbon footprint with our highly complex and sophisticated plant-based ingredients that make your plastic products more sustainable.  Choose from our products offering identical properties to their fossil-based versions, or new innovations offering even more. Derived from renewable resources, these clever ingredients can reduce your environmental impact even more.

Versatile Biopolymers

Starch is one of the planet’s most important renewable raw materials. It can be produced from a variety of crops, including corn, potato, tapioca, rice and others.  

Whether you are making  shopping bags, plastic packaging, or plastic bottles and utensils, BENEFORM™ will help you increase the bio content of your products without compromising quality. It will provide cost savings too.


Increase the sustainability of your plastic products with our BENEFOAM™ range of functional biopolymers. Made from either corn or tapioca, you won’t be limited by crop performance. You can replace 30-50% of petroleum-based resins without reducing the strength of your products or adding manufacturing steps. Reduce costs, improve quality and reduce your carbon footprint. Just ask us how.

BENEFORM™ series and their benefits

  • Best for injection and blown molding
  • Replaces up to 40% of conventional resins
  • No bridging issues and better outputs
  • Increased surface energy and free flowing properties
  • Best for blown film and coatings
  • Excellent tensile and tear strength of films
  • Replaces up to 40% PBAT and PLA
  • Enhances processing and improves melt flow
  • Improved colour and clarity
  • Best for blown film, injection molding, sheet & tray
  • Ready to use – no pre-compounding needed
  • Compatible with most anti-block and flow agents
  • Compatible with most synthetic polyolefin and compostable grades    
  • Best for blown film and injection molding
  • Ready to use – no pre-compounding needed
  • Increased surface energy and free flowing properties
  • Compatible with most synthetic polyolefin grades

Renewable, nature-based

We have an intergrated portfolio of polymer and biopolymer ingredients to develop renewable, cost effective solutions and deliver measurable value for you.

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