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More workable cement mortars

Dry mortar are powdery construction materials produced in specialized factories, where mineral binders (cement, lime and plaster) are mixed with aggregates and various chemical additives.  Starch ethers are widely used in the dry mortar industry to replace or partially replace the cellulose ethers.   They are applied in cement-based systems such as renders, adhesives and screeds to create functional surfaces for interior and exterior use.

Remove chemicals

You can replace various cellulose ethers in your renders, adhesives and screeds using our BONDSTAR™ starch ethers. You will see benefits in:

  • Controlling rheology and improving workability
    • Anti-sagging
    • Anti-slipping
    • Decrease stickiness
    • Enhance pump ability of machine applied mortars
  • Enhance water retention (synergistic use with cellulose ethers)
  • Enhance binding to surfaces
  • Increase adhesion strength

Better biomaterials

We offer nature-based ingredients and functional additives for a wide range of industries.

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