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Oil rig

Environmentally friendly bio-based additives

The world of the oil and gas industry is highly connected to the world economy and political stability. The regulatory complexity and the price of oil are real market issues. Oil and gas companies are becoming more conscious of the need to improve their image by more sustainable exploration. Starch to the rescue.

Well known, environment friendly raw materials, starches are used in the oil and gas industry to improve performance in drilling fluids basics and filtrate loss control additives. Just talk to our oil gas team. They will guide you to the best solution for your needs. Our products can provide a wide range of rheological profiles to meet your performance needs.

Use our nature-based filtrate loss starch based additives for Water Based Muds (WBM), AMIDEX® and PROPILEX® that have won over South American customers with their consistent performance and earth friendly characteristics. And that’s just a start. Bio esters for synthetic muds and gum replacement, emulsifiers for OBM (Oil Based Muds) - the solution possibilities are limitless.

Better biomaterials

We offer nature-based ingredients and functional additives for a wide range of industries.

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