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Naturally strong binders for textiles

Nature-based starch has so many uses in food and manufacturing, with textiles an important growth frontier. Especially in the Asia Pacific region.  Ingredion's nature-based products provide sizing solutions to suit your fabric making processes. Our products are more environmentally friendly solutions to polyvinyl alcohol and polyester resins based products.

Work with Ingredion for impeccable quality control. Ingredients guaranteed free from dust, sand particles, foreign and residual materials. Lump free and safely packaged. You can trust Ingredion to deliver.

Come into our Ingredion Idea Labs™

Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres continue to develop innovative solutions for the textile industry. Ask us about solutions for:

  • Stronger adhesion during textile making
  • Good film formation onto different fabric strands
  • Easy wash-out 

Better biomaterials

We offer nature-based ingredients and functional additives for a wide range of industries.

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