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Superior Corrugating, Batch to Batch

Need stronger, more waterproof corrugated boards? Pressures to reduce production time, cut cost and reduce waste? Ingredion has supplied corrugating adhesives for years. Faster corrugating equipment, tighter regulations, changing market needs – we have delivered consistently throughout. Our commitment to superior quality from batch to batch means that when you buy our products for corrugating adhesives, you know you are buying the best. Just talk to our papermaking team about your specific needs and we will guide you to the best solution.

Achieve the highest corrugation quality with smoother operating and faster machine speeds with AMYLOK™ and OPTAMYL™. Improve strength, cut costs and reduce waste too.

Reduce  foaming and resin use, enhance glue lines with our easy to use, concentrated CORAGUM™ family of natural-based resins. Improve bonding of specialty coated papers, double and triple wall grades, waxy and even difficult to bond papers, while speeding up production and trimming costs. It provides water resistance for your boards too.  Ask us about our environmentally friendly choices.

Clever corrugating

Corrugated boards with higher quality, greater versatility and improved performance.

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