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Inspiring Delivery Systems

Designing a refreshing crystal clear drink, with natural colours and flavours, tasting just as good with the final sip as the first? Formulating nourishing foods, fortified with the goodness of fish oil, without an off taste or smell?

To achieve this, you will need the latest delivery systems for flavours and active ingredients. Ingredion provides a range of superior solutions with enhanced stability, reduced recipe costs, as well as, a clean release of flavours. We have a wide selection of starch and plant extracts to protect your flavours, colours, nutrients and active ingredients from degrading during processing. Your products will retain  their taste and appearance over time, across a wide range of storage conditions.

Looking for plant based, natural or organic options? Ingredion has it covered. Aiming to add more foam to your soft drink or beer? Increasing the oil load of your product, searching for a cost-effective alternative for caseinate or striving to stabilise an acid stable non-dairy creamer? Let’s solve your challenge together. 

Looking for ways to save money? Interested in replacing expensive ingredients like sodium caseinate or weighting agents in your recipes? How about increasing the oil load in your products to save on energy and transportation cost? Ingredion can help you to achieve these and more using our highly efficient emulsion and encapsulation technologies, while maintaining the quality of your products.

  • Remove weighting agents, control costs and create oil-stable clear drinks with our PURITY GUM® Ultra starch.
  • Simplify your beverage labels by replacing chemically-derived weighting agents with our Q-NATURALE® quillaja extract, to stabilise and protect natural colours in food and beverages.
  • Create a refreshing drinking experience for your consumer. Develop nourishing and energy-boosting refreshments with a clean label, using our Q-NATURALE® quillaja extract, a high efficient emulsion solution. It emulsifies sparkling and still beverages with actives, intense flavours and vibrant colours. Top these up with brilliant clarity!

Colours, flavours or vitamins – our highly effective emulsifier and encapsulants protect these delicate ingredients from oxidation, keeping your food and beverages look and taste fresh throughout their shelf life.

  • Experience our highly effective carrier system that encapsulates and protects flavours, vitamins, nutrients and other active ingredients. HI-CAP® 100 starch is characterised by excellent resistance to oxidation in high oil loading applications.

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