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Fruit prep

Fine Fruit Preparations

Keeping prepared fruit fresher for longer

In the dairy and bakery sector, fruit-infused recipes are capturing a greater share of shelf space, winning consumers’ hearts and taste buds. New products are appearing at unprecedented rates, but volume doesn’t always equal quality. To ensure repeated consumer purchase, you need an ingredient supplier that you can trust from concept to shelf.

Ingredion’s fruit preparation solutions can speed up your development curve, while protecting the fruit taste, texture and profitability. Our dairy and bakery solutions will support you through the challenges of developing purees, conserves, and bakery filling. ​

Our range of solutions keep prepared fruit in pies, biscuits, desserts and other goodies fresh and delicious over prolonged periods. We preserve a variety of fruit preparations including:

  • Fruit purees
  • Jams and conserves
  • Bakery fillings

Your prepared fruit products will benefit from extended shelf-life and longer optimum freshness.

Let Ingredion help you find the right solution for you.

Delicious Bakery

We have a wide range of specialty starches, sweeteners, functional flours, fibres and resistant starches to help create your ideal baked goods.

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