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Satisfying, delicious, healthier noodles

Looking for ways to enhance the texture of your noodles? Developing healthier noodle snacks that consumers enjoy to open in lunch boxes? Creating the next generation of noodles, with all the springiness, smoothness and deliciousness of fresh noodles? Whether you are looking for freeze/ thaw texture stability, a more appealing crunch, or just trying to keep costs under control, our experts are here to help. 

Choosing the right solutions 

Premium priced or packed with nutrition – Ingredion has oodles of solutions for noodles. Our Culinologists and technical experts will help you choose the best solution for your product. Our wide range of specialty starches, functional flours and resistant starches deliver from concept, through scale up and on to launch.

  • Shorten cooking times and improve noodle hydration with NATIONALTM 7 starch and the ELASTITEXTM range
  • Make your noodles smoother and even more delicious to slurp so your consumers enjoy every minute of the eating experience with PURITYTM GUM 2000 starch
  • Enhance the crispness in fried noodles and snacks so they fly off the shelf using CRISP FILMTM starch
  • Ensure your noodles remain springy in the bowl for longer, while replacing guar gum using NATIONALTM 104 and INSTANT TEXTAIDTM A starches
  • Create smoother, more transparent rice flour noodles with PURITYTM D starch
  • Create smooth noodles with a richer mouthfeel using IF 131 and IF 909 starches
  • Make your noodles healthier, by increasing fibre content using HI-MAIZETM resistant starch. Help consumers maintain healthy blood sugar levels while they enjoy the delicious noodle textures they love. 

Answering trends with texture

Discover how our texture innovators are unleashing texture’s power. 

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