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Improve Boxboard Quality

Better quality, better looking boxboards with cost savings too? Whether you are producing coated recycled paperboard or uncoated recycled boxboard, we can help you increase strength, hold the fibres together longer and streamline your production processes. You can increase your boards’ strength, replace soy protein and reduce your reliance on latex too. Just talk to our papermaking team about your specific needs and we will help you make the switch and make more profits.

  • Use just one product to fix strength, retention and drainage issues with our OPTIBOND™ or UNIPLUS™ series. You will save money and boost production rates too
  • Achieve high quality boards in less time using our unique OPTIPRO™ technology. It reduces the need for chemicals and goes to work instantly.

  • Produce stronger surface strength for your boards, with invisible FIBERSIZE™, which runs clean in your size-press
  • Improve paper strength and print clarity while reducing costs with CATO-SIZE™
  • Provide a better barrier to oil and grease with FILMKOTE™ tapioca starch and STACKOTE™, while removing fluorochemicals, thanks to their shear thinning, plant science-based chemistry
  • Reduce costs of your formulations while maintaining the physical and rheological coating properties you want with National™ 78-8088 SP
  • Replace synthetic latex while improving coating properties with PEN-COTE™ D and PEN-COTE™ L. These clever, natural based binders are ideal for customers with lower usage rates or those who ship internationally.

Talk to us about your challenges and we can save you time and money with our natural, ready to use, shelf-stable protein replacers, PEN-COTE™ D UHV and PEN-COTE™ UUHV.

Save money in manufacturing

Create better products more efficiently. 

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