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Increase Paperboard Strength, Retention and Drainage

In today's global economy, high-quality corrugating materials are in strong demand. Consumers expect the items they buy to arrive intact and looking brand new. Whether it is shipped from China or Germany, or bought in-store, cartons need to be strong, but lightweight, and hold together through changes in moisture and air pressure during transport. With our wide range of ingredients, you can make stronger paperboards that stay in shape, without using synthetic dry-strength aides. Our technical team will work closely with you to understand your needs and guide you to the ideal solution for your paperboard business. 

  • Use just one product to fix strength, retention and drainage issues with our OPTIBOND™ or UNIPLUS™ series. You will save money and boost production rates too.
  • Achieve high quality boards in less time using our unique OPTIPRO™ technology. It reduces the need for chemicals and goes to work instantly.
  • Produce stronger surface strength for your boards, with invisible FIBERSIZE™, which runs clean in your size-press
  • Provide a better barrier to oil and grease with FILMKOTE™ and STACKOTE™, while removing fluorochemicals, thanks to their shear thinning, plant science-based chemistry
  • Reduce the cost of your formulations, while maintaining the physical and rheological properties of your coatings using National™ 78-8088 SP

Paper perfection

We have solutions to fit into different parts of the papermaking process - seamlessly, safely and cost-effectively.

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