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Newsprint that performs

Whether you are producing newsprint for newspapers, inserts, brochures, flyers or directories, we can help you improve the quality, control costs or speed up production. Stronger newsprint, fewer breaks and better print quality. Just talk to our papermaking team about your specific needs and we will guide you to the best solution.

Wet end answers

  • Increase the tensile and tearing strength of fibres with CATO ‘I’.  At the same time, fibres and fillers will better retain their attraction to the microparticle components in your system.
  • Make your newsprint stronger and reduce linting, with our ready to use, nature based REDIPRO polymer. Improves newsprint opacity by enhancing paper ash retention.
  • Achieve high quality, lint-free newsprint in less time using our unique OPTIPRO technology. It reduces the need for chemicals and goes to work instantly.

Save money in manufacturing

Create better products more efficiently. 

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