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All Types of Paper Solutions

Coated or uncoated, for printing or writing on. Different types of papers have different needs. Whether you are a budget-conscious producer or producing ultra-high premium grade papers, Ingredion will partner with you to uncover the best solutions for your entire process. From wet-end to size press, or coater to water-box applications.

We have the broadest range of solutions available for papermaking operations of all sizes. Just talk to our papermaking team about your specific needs and we will guide you to the best solution.

  • Improve total fibre and paper ash retention with CATO ‘I’ and MICROCAT, which have a natural attraction for microparticles
  • Boost paper strength with incremental dosage changes of OPTIPLUS
  • Improve OBA retention with this ready to use polymer that quickly retains fibres and fine particles superbly

  • Promote strength in all types of paper and board  with FIBERSIZE, a clear paste that won’t deteriorate over time
  • Improve printability with CATOSIZE. Its superior film forming ability will help you achieve BOD reduction in your wet end operations
  • Provide a better barrier to oil and grease with FILMKOTE  and STACKOTE, while removing fluorochemicals thanks to its shear-thinning, plant science-based chemistry
  • Reduce costs of your coating formulation without sacrificing stability, binding power or water retention using National™ 78-8088 SP
  • Replace synthetic latex while improving coating coverage to improve the quality of coated paper and boards with Pen-Cote D and Pen-Cote L. These clever, natural based binders are ideal for customers with lower usage rates or those who ship internationally.
  • Talk to us about our natural, ready to use protein replacers, Pen-cote D UHV and Pen-cote UUHV. They require no cooking, eliminate the need for liquid ammonia, improve safety and increase the total solids of your formulation. And they deliver better value than soy protein or latex. 

Save money in manufacturing

Create better products more efficiently. 

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