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Pasta sauce

Sensational Savoury

Developing deliciously authentic sauces? Cooking up soups that shout ‘comfort food’? Designing tangy dressings and condiments with a zing? Our savoury ingredients will help you overcome the technical challenges. We will work with you to build back desirable textures, boost shelf-life stability and create additive-free products that will keep your consumers wanting more. Perfecting pulpy soups, creamy and smooth dressings, or sauces that cling to noodles? Work with us to explore the endless possibilities.

Not sure where to start? Talk to our experts about your savoury challenges. We are on-hand to solve your ingredient, processing and application challenges together. 

Want to control cost by replacing common savoury ingredients such as butter, oil, cream, tomato solids, vegetable pulp or eggs? Work with Ingredion and you will be able to maintain the taste, texture and visual appeal of your savoury recipes throughout the shelf life of your products.

  • Create authentic textures in sauces, soups and fillings through enhanced pulpiness with our TEXTAID™ starches.
  • Reduce costs by replacing oil and fat in a recipe, while creating that fat-inspired mouthfeel with our QUIK TEX™ 3331, ULTRA-TEX™ and N-DULGE™ starches.

Leverage our 20 years of innovation and experience in creating successful clean label foods and drinks across all aisles of the supermarket. We will work with you to make the right choice from our vast portfolio of clean label ingredients. The end result? Delicious, high quality savoury products, with all the textures and flavours your consumers love, topped off with a clean label.

  • Deliver exceptional process tolerance in recipes that undergo harsh processing conditions, while maintaining maximum texture stability with our NOVATION™ starches.
  • Replace sugar whilst maintaining mouthfeel with our BIOLIGO™ natural sweeteners.    

We continually strive to understand consumer taste and texture expectations and preferences so we can advise you how to develop the products consumer prefer. Using our consumer insights, chef’s know-how, blended with a healthy sprinkling of science, we will work with you to fine-tune or completely reformulate. Create from scratch or improve your tested recipes.

We invite you to work hand in hand with our CULINOLOGYTM team to create savoury products that reflect today’s eating trends. Explore exciting new tastes and textures. Experience authentic or unexpected textures – you can count on our experts to find the solution you are looking for. 

  • Deliver the desired pulpiness to complement the natural textures required in sauces, soups and fillings with our TEXTAID™ starches.
  • Enhance the smooth and creamy mouthfeel in mayonnaise, salad dressings, soups and sauces that your consumers crave with our N-DULGE™ starches

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