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Keep labels clean and consumers happy

It’s a familiar experience for all of us: standing in the aisle, a jar in each hand, comparing the labels of competing products. Consumers are doing this in stores all over the world. So how can you influence that purchasing decision?

A clean label can make all the difference, ensuring your product is chosen over and over again. Yet, when you have complex functionality needs, clean labels can present an additional challenge. Whatever your application and product challenge is, we have the right solution.

For example, we can help you create rich and creamy yoghurts that withstand harsh processing conditions . Canned or frozen stews with rich flavours and home-style textures that last longer on the shelf. In personal and home care, we can help you create hair conditioners with rich nature-based emollients and dishwashing detergents which don’t leave streaks or bubbles. With our nature-based ingredients, you can formulate products that entice consumers with label claims—and reward them with outstanding performance.    

Our NOVATION® functional native starches helped fuel the clean label movement when it started in Europe two decades ago. Our pioneering work meant you could get the texture and stability of a modified starch but with a simpler ingredient listing of just “starch” or "flour". Since then, we have broadened our clean label portfolio to include starches from corn, tapioca and rice, as well as extend our range of flours and sweeteners. Non-GMO and organic options, too. When you work with us to bring clean labels to market, you benefit from years of experience and leading-edge achievements in clean label innovation.

Delightful Dairy

Tap into our technical know-how on the unique capabilities of starch solutions in dairy applications.

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