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Innovate with fewer chemicals

Developing and refining nature-based biopolymers that perform as well as or better than synthetic or petroleum based polymers is a constant goal at Ingredion. We are working to improve performance and affordability with naturally based products in four key segments: bioplastics, glass fiber, personal care, and fabric and home care.

In the building industry, for example, our new BENEFORM® functional biopolymers are helping customers achieve unique benefits in durable, semi-durable and disposable plastic products. It performs without raising the cost or compromising the quality of plastics, withstands three rounds of recycling without losing strength. It also reduces water absorption during processing—all while improving sustainability.

In personal care products, we’re pioneering new ways to reduce aluminum while protecting the feel and aromas of products. We’re even using innovative starch solutions to support fluid loss inhibitors in oil drilling, reducing environmental impact.

If you are looking for ways to reduce chemicals, talk to our biomaterials experts. You’ll find exciting new ways to achieve all the functionality of synthetic polymers—naturally.

Revolutionising biopolymers

Nature-based ingredients for the biomaterial market.

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