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Renewable results with renewable, nature-based ingredients

Today’s consumers are more aware of how products are made more than ever before. They want to play an active role in saving the environment. Whether it is shampoo, gift boxes, disposable gloves or plastic bags, the words ‘biodegradable’, ‘recyclable’ or ‘earth-friendly’ mean something to consumers. These terms influence their choices. This is where Ingredion comes in.

We create sustainable biomaterials that provide function and performance in areas traditionally dominated by synthetics. By focusing on industries and products that reap benefits from our innovative biopolymer additives, we help customers around the world be greener.

Our integrated portfolio of polymer ingredients includes modified starches, polyols and dextrins and our Biomaterials scientists use them to develop renewable, cost effective solutions and deliver measurable value. Our biopolymer offerings go further too. We help customers meet long-term sustainability goals. We can customise our nature-based biopolymers to provide the benefits your consumers want. Our customised products boast a wide range of textures and rheological profiles. And they are more flexible than other bio-gums or hydrocolloids, too.

Our innovative new biomaterials ingredients shine in biodegradability and disintegration. BENEFORM™ range of functional biopolymers for example not only increases renewable content in bioplastics but also provides excellent sealing properties in films. ABSORBO™, a high performance dusting powder replaces silicone in these functional laboratory or high quality surgical gloves, at low coat weight, consistently and is thermo-stable.  Natural hair goes with a natural product. PENCARE™ a bio-based cationic polymer makes hair smoother and softer, with its superior deposition and enhanced conditioning properties. OPTIBOND™ and UNIPLUS™ starch series makes your boxes and paper stronger so you can add more filler and recycle more fibres, saving more trees.  The benefits are limitless. 

Biomaterial solutions

Unlock unique functionality with biopolymers. 

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