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Remove to improve

The unique taste and texture of fruit juice, without all the sugar. Moist, chewy cookies with reduced calories and without gluten. Creamy Parmesan pasta sauce that is rich in flavour but lower in fat. Can consumers really have it all? Yes they can. With science-based problem solving at Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, it’s easier than ever.

We will support you in reducing sugar and fats in your products while maintaining every bit of taste, texture and functionality. With a global network of innovators who are constantly collaborating with customers and each other, we are always uncovering new ingredients and revolutionary ways to use them. This makes removing ingredients another way of giving your foods and beverages an edge with consumers.

Create reduced-oil or -egg dressings that people can’t distinguish from full-fat or full-egg versions. Offer a reduced-fat sour cream that matches the gold standard, or a soup with the mouthfeel of a full-fat product. The just-right thickness and body come from PRECISA® optimised texture systems.

Create reduced sugar beverages with the sweetness of their full sugar counterparts. Or a 50% sugar reduced dressing the health conscious consumer will crave. This balanced sweetness profile, with less sugar, comes from our ENLITEN® and SWEETIS® sweeteners range.

Using our unique DIAL-IN® Technology, a rapid, robust, consumer-centric approach to texture optimisation, we can help you achieve your desired taste and textures quickly. Glossy sauces, seemingly high-calorie side dishes, spoonable dressings and pulpy barbecue sauces. We have them all covered. Our formulation, CULINOLOGY® and processing experts make easy for you to transform your better-for-you products into all-time favourites.

Delicious Bakery

We have a wide range of specialty starches, sweeteners, functional flours, fibres and resistant starches to help create your ideal baked goods.

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