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Deliver the best of nature with extracts

Our nature-based extracts distill the unique properties of plants, such as quillaja trees to make your products shine. Many also support natural and organic label claims—so you can create delicious, clean-label products consumers reach for in store.

Our FOAMATION™ line of foaming agents, extracted from quillaja trees, add rich froth and foam to your beverages, creating memorable drinking experiences, while saving you money. Our Q-NATURALE® emulsifier, also derived from quillaja trees, carries three to four times the flavour oil load of traditional beverage systems. This revolutionary ingredient delivers brilliant clarity, vibrant colors and intense flavours to your beverages—while its high efficiency drives down warehousing, shipping and labour costs.

Ask us how our extracts will add value in your plant and on the shelf.

Breakthrough Beverages

Quickly create beverage concepts with intriguing flavours, sweetness without sugar and frothy freshness.

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