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Sweetness without calories

When does zero mean much more than zero? When Ingredion’s non-nutritive sweeteners are involved. You can use them to swap calories for delicious taste. Reduce or eliminate calories entirely —and we’ll help you ensure the textures and consistency your consumers love are still there. Stimulate every sensation—from first bite to swallow—just right.

Meet the natural and simple trend head on and give your products a superior, clean-tasting sweetness with our naturally based ENLITEN® stevia sweetener. Produced from a proprietary cultivar and grown on Ingredion’s exclusive farm in Brazil, ENLITEN® stevia sweetener provides the highest level of quality, consistency and supply reliability.

You can achieve your sweetness, functionality and cost reduction goals in a wide variety of applications with DULCENT™ aspartame, sucralose and Ace-K. Our sweetness experts, using DIAL-IN® Sweetness Technology can help you select the right solution or create the perfect blend of sweeteners for cost savings.

Remove to improve

Reduce. Replace. Marvel in the nutritious and delicious results. 

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