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Clever Corrugating

Are you looking for higher quality corrugated boards? Need to improve productivity in your corrugating business? Count on Ingredion’s specialty products for greater versatility and improved performance. Ask us to show you how AMYLOK™, OPTAMYL™ and CORAGUM™ can create better bonding, improve water resistance and make your boards stronger and more stable. 

AMYLOK™ series offers a wide range of effective properties for corrugators

  • Provide an extremely consistent paste to deliver superior more stable viscosity
  • Optimise formulation flexibility
  • Strengthen bonding and improve pin adhesion
  • Achieve greater machine speeds with less waste

Provide water resistance, improve board quality and enhance overall corrugator performance with our CORAGUM™ series of performance resins and additives, used alongside our corrugating solutions.

  • Meet wet strength performance needs of your corrugated boards  with CORAGUM™ WP series
  • Advance green bond and machine speed with CORAGUM™ PA-15
  • Achieve water resistance and improve board quality using CORAGUM™ PR-20
  • Improve adhesive penetration in difficult- to-bond papers with CORAGUM™ PT

Papermaking capabilities

Build value in your paper products with the help of Ingredion

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