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Coloured paper

Paper Perfection

Do you need more strength in your papers? Are you looking for better adhesion properties in your corrugated boards? Trying to create softer tissues or speed up production? With our wide range of ingredients, Ingredion has solutions to fit into different parts of the papermaking process - seamlessly, safely and cost-effectively. Just tell us your challenge and our papermaking experts will get to work.


Our family of surface size starches, which include FIBERSIZE™, FILMKOTE™, KOFILM™ and CATO-SIZE™, improve surface applications in many different ways. Here are just a few:

  • Improve paper surface strength
  • Enhance printing with our superior films
  • Help inks spread better and dry more evenly
  • Make your papers more resistant to oil and grease
  • Control the porosity of your paper for  to improve its appearance

Ingredion has a wide variety of coating solutions, including STACKOTETM and PEN-COTE™ series, to meet your different needs.

  • Strongly bind  fibres together, naturally sustaining IGT Pick
  • Make your coated papers glossier and brighter
  • Reduces mottling and improves smoothness in your final paper products  
  • Lower “nip reject” in coating applicators by providing better water retention and reducing high-shear viscosities.
  • Create a better-looking sheet or board with PEN-COTE™ L and PEN-COTE™ D binders. You will improve the water holding ability of your paper by at least 40% and reduce coating binders migration. 

Explore the savings and efficiency improvements we can bring to your papermaking operations with our wet end starches, including OPTIPLUS®, OPTIBOND®, OPTIPRO® and REDIPRO™ series.

  • Boost incremental paper strength, retention and drainage, especially in your containerboard production
  • Make your chemicals more efficient overall
  • Replace synthetic resins with our nature-based ingredients
  • Provide a good OBA carrier to work in high conductivity systems
  • Improve production capability by reducing machine downtime 

With a history of developing many groundbreaking technologies, our products have clearly demonstrated their advantages to many customers in spray applications. Your multi-ply boards will shine with our unique technologies such as SIAB and CATO™ S.

  • Improve internal bonding, between fibres, as well as ply to ply
  • Improve efficiency so you will need less native starches
  • Reduce BOD and COD.  

Finding the perfect balance between softness, strength and costs savings is one of the greatest challenges in the tissue business world of today. Ask us about our REDIBOND™ series, which could be the answer to many of your needs. All you do is flick a switch.

  • Ready-for-use, 100% nature-based polymer
  • Increase reactivity with cellulose fibres 
  • Provide superior bonding and strength
  • Improve the quality and softness of your tissue 

Ingredion’s emulsifiers enable you to consistently achieve ASA emulsions with the perfect particle size. REDISIZE™ is one of our excellent all natural based polymers in this area.

  • Produce consistent solids and suitable viscosity range
  • Reduce ASA hydrolysis and improves its retention
  • Creates a suitable charge for the final ASA emulsion
  • Improves fibre attachment by intrinsically controlling its molecular weight 

Save money in manufacturing

Create better products more efficiently. 


Boost product quality and reduce operating costs with Ingredion liquid natural polymers

Save on time and money the nature-based way.


Enhance performance and enable savings with OPTIPRO® wet-end biopolymers

Achieve more with lower additions.


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