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Make room for more mochi texture possibilities

N-DULGE® 320 starch delivers the distinctive mochi texture with process excellence and consistent quality

Inspiring the Japanese to coin expressions like ‘Mochi Mochi’, ‘Mochitto’ and ‘Mocchiri’ to specifically describe the varying eating experiences enjoyed - the versatile mochi texture is undoubtedly a sensory delight. Ingredion offers manufacturers a wide range of mochi texture solutions like N-DULGE® 320 starch that help in creating differentiated degrees of softness, chewiness and stretchiness.

N-DULGE® 320 starch is a highly stabilised tapioca starch. Cooked tapioca starch is clear, cohesive and has a slow tendency to gel allowing it to provide a soft, elastic and stretchy texture to mochi applications. Its bland flavour is yet another benefit when used in applications.

In addition to the distinctive mochi texture, N-DULGE® 320 starch also delivers improved functionality.


N-DULGE® 320 provides consistent dough cohesiveness, which is essential for the stretchy property
of the mochi texture.


It has excellent process tolerance to shear, heat and various cooking conditions.
The starch also imparts good volume expansion during baking.


N-DULGE® 320 provides excellent shape retention and prevents shrinkage after baking.
Moreover, it extends the mochi texture throughout the shelf life and slows down the staling
process. Having a good freeze/thaw property it also provides stability to chilled and frozen


This robust solution can be used in applications like mochi bread, mochi doughnut,
dumpling/gyoza skin, mochi confectionery, mochi ice cream and noodle.


Excellent solution for mochi texture

Improved functionality and variety in mochi applications.

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