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Foamy orange juice
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Develop beverages with foamy freshness for memorable drinking experiences

Consumers want freshness in their fruit-based drinks, carbonated soft drinks, standard or non-alcoholic beers, a freshness clearly shown by a lasting foam. They are also looking for simple, natural ingredients on labels - not chemical- sounding names like propylene glycol alginates (PGAs). Fortunately, you can use FOAMATIONTM Q 200,  a sustainable, naturally sourced foaming agent, to achieve superior foam stability—while controlling costs and using a ‘natural’ label claim. 

FOAMATIONTM Q 200 is made from quillaia extract from the Chilean soapbark tree, using a water extraction process, without chemicals. In Asia Pacific, it is approved for use in a variety of beverages including:*

  • Carbonated and non-carbonated drinks
  • Concentrates such as cordial, squash and powdered juice drinks
  • Fruit and vegetable juice-based drinks
  • Sports, energy and electrolyte drinks
  • Beer and other malt beverages

FOAMATION™ Q 200 is non-GMO and Halal.


* For specific applications and regulations, please contact your Ingredion representative.
  • Create appealing freshness in beverages with long-lasting thick foams and froths
  • Improve the mouthfeel and texture of your frozen carbonated beverages
  • Create finer foam for a creamier drinking sensation in beer and its non-alcoholic variaties
  • Save money by increasing overrun of your frozen carbonated beverages
  • Replace chemical foaming agent such as propylene glycol alginates (PGAs) with a natural alternative
  • Deliver a good story to your consumers of being naturally- and sustainably- sourced
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Breakthrough Beverages

Quickly create beverage concepts with intriguing flavours, sweetness without sugar and frothy freshness.

FOAMATION™ Q 200 foaming agent

Great foams and froths with great stability. Watch the video for more information.

The FOAMATION trademark is owned by Desert King International.
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