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The delicious taste of sugar, without the guilt

Modern consumers are becoming more health-conscious and aware of the detriments and risks of high sugar consumption. They are increasingly demanding healthier alternatives, preferably without giving up the sweet taste in their foods. 

Many manufacturers have turned to high intensity sweeteners (HIS) to replace sugar in their product recipes to satisfy consumers' needs for health and wellness, yet maintaining the indulgent eating experience.

Ingredion offers sweetness solutions and texture expertise that deliver sucrose-like taste profiles with the mouthfeel of sugar, enabling food formulators to create innovative sweet treats and beverages to delight consumers.

SWEETIS™ DS500 sweetener system is made from a variety of sweetening ingredients, using our proprietary DIAL-IN® Sweetness technology.

Easy to use and typically requiring minimal formulation changes, SWEETIS™ DS500 offers the taste of sugar with fewer calories. With more intense sweetness (120-130% of sucrose), it is lower in calories (3.0kcal/g) and reduces sugar content by up to 50 percent. 

Benefits of SWEETISTM DS500

  • Tastes like sugar (sucrose) – without the after-taste of some other sweeteners 
  • Low sugar/low calorie 
  • 120-130% sweetness of sucrose 
  • Easy to use, with excellent flowability 
  • pH and heat stable
  • Ready to use - helps reduce manufacturing time and costs
  • Requires minimal formulation change 
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Sweetness for all

Satisfy every sweetness preference today and tomorrow with us. 

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