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We make it our business to understand what consumers around the world want in their products. We focus our development activity on research which relates directly to consumer insights. Download our reports and infographics today.


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'An intelligent toolbox for processed cheese' whitepaper

Firmness and gratability, melt and stretch — customise functionality and improve performance

'Reliably stabilise protein and fat in non-dairy creamers and sweetened condensed creamers' whitepaper

Reduce costs and create opportunities with innovative creamer recipes

'The power of starch: How to efficiently create high quality cheese products in Asia' whitepaper

Learn how starch can power new cheese innovations

Clean and Simple

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Keeping meat clean and simple i2s

Stay ahead of the curve in formulating clean label meats for the growing Asia Pacific market

High-performance, natural texturisers for your most delicate applications

Download our food concepts - Creamy Wholesome Alfredo Sauce & Fruity Blueberry Filling, and start creating consumers' preferred clean-label food products

ifia Japan 2019 Clean Label Trend Seminar

Learn more about Clean Label, Japan Consumer Insights, and get started on making the NOVATION functional starches work for your product

Banana bread - Egg-free, dairy-free food concept

Bite on the all-natural banana bread that is suitable even for vegan

Sweet & Juicy Chicken Slider - Natural, free-from additives, gluten-free, non-GMO, phosphate-free food concept

Retain the juiciness of your chicken slider patty even after freezing it

Crispy Shrimp Dumpling - Natural, phosphate-free food concept

The crispy shrimp dumpling takes crispiness to the next level without compromising the filling

Vegan Mayonnaise - Additive-free, egg-free food concept

The all vegan mayonnaise is egg-free, smooth, well-blended and taste exactly or even better than the usual ones

Popcorn Potato - Additive-free, meat-free, gluten-free food concept

Each “popcorn” delivers crunchy-on-the outside, soft-in-the-inside bite with slight heat in it

Green Burrito - Natural, meat-free, soy-free, phosphate-free food concept

The “meat” present in the filling gives you protein to fuel the day and offers juiciness in the filling

Clean and simple protein opportunities for foodservice i2s brief

New research reveals the growing opportunities for clean ingredient meat products

Asia Pacific Clean Label Guide

Is there a market for clean label in Asia Pacific?

Achieving cleaner labels in challenging applications

Provide the required sensory properties and shelf stability in challenging applications.

NOVATION ENDURA™ functional native starch

The highest process tolerance of any functional native starch on the market

NOVATION PRIMA® functional native starch

Combine viscosity with high freeze/thaw stability

NOVATION® range of starches

Wholesome, natural ingredient solutions

Convenience and Performance

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Turn liquids into free-flowing powders

Now you can transform a wide variety of liquids, both oil- and water-based, into uniformly blended, flowable powders, streamlining your formulation process

Health and Nutrition

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Pulsepedia flowbook

Everything you always wanted to know about pulse flours and proteins

Welcome to the whole new era of sugar reduction

Introducing ENLITEN® Fusion stevia sweeteners — a full range of cost-optimised stevia systems for just-right sweetness

Sensory Experience

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'Instant chocolate protein beverage' case study

Redefine indulgence in your instant protein beverage

Download our food concepts - clean and healthy stirred yogurt, 60% reduced-sugar drinking yogurt & guilt-free cookie

Find your sweet opportunity

Download our food concepts - grilled cheese sandwich & cheesy chicken ball

Not all cheese is the same - how can you create the right texture?

'Getting cultured on yoghurt indulgence' whitepaper

Create successful yoghurts based on sensory consumer insights

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