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Delivery systems

Stabilising and protecting

A flavour as bright as its orange hue. A foamy pour with bubbles that last until the beverage is gone. A pill that’s easy to swallow and fast-acting. That’s the power of the Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation springboard called Delivery Systems. This effort helps you address consumer trends and solve your challenges to  deliver precious ingredients like flavours, colours, nutrients and fragrances in your consumer products.

For nearly a decade, Ingredion has built proprietary technologies around emulsification and encapsulation to help you protect and stabilise your active ingredients in products from foods and beverages to personal, home and fabric care to supplements and medicines. These products answer the trends in superior quality and sensory experiences, health and nutrition, affordability and pure and simple.

For example, with the quality and sensory-building capabilities of these technologies, colors can be brighter and flavors bolder. Foams and froths can add fun, whimsical appeal. Fragrances can last throughout the use of a product, such as detergents and fabric softeners that deliver fragrances people associate with the scents of “home” and “clean.”

These cost-effective specialty ingredients enable you to deliver active components, like flavors and vitamins, in systems that present environmental challenges, such as high temperatures and the presence of oxygen during processing or shelf life. Ingredion’s ever-expanding toolbox of nature-based ingredients such as starches from corn, tapioca and potato, extracts from the quillaja tree and vegetable-based proteins enable you to conquer these challenges. You’ll also find new market benefits, from saving money to simplifying product labels and delivering hard-to-work-with nutrition ingredients in foods, beverages and supplements.

Deliver functionality and embed actives

With emulsification, the ingredients preserve the functionality and quality of final products—from a creamy salad dressing, which is essentially an emulsion of oil, egg, lemon juice and seasonings, to home care applications, such as body wash with fragrance oils. In soft drinks or vitamin waters, emulsifiers keep flavour oils or actives distributed uniformly throughout the beverage.

Encapsulants help you protect your active ingredients by embedding them in a powder and holding them in a matrix. Think powdered drink mixes and herb and spice extracts powders —or even excipients that enable tableting of drugs and pharmaceuticals, such as vitamin tablets or prescription medicines. A capsule of antihistamine or soft-gel fish oil pill could use a protective coating that dissolves to release the ingredients once they are swallowed.

Innovating for tomorrow

We’re pushing the boundaries of these technologies to see how they can be used in industrial processes such as plating and for delivery of ingredients to improve crop yields. Ask us how we can help you stabilise and protect your active ingredients.

...for you and your consumers

Our scientists have developed a way to boost efficiencies across your operation with PURITY GUM™ Ultra starch, a high-efficiency emulsifier. This patented starch allows you to make twice the beverage volume with the same amount of emulsion. This translates into savings across your operation, from storage to transportation. In addition, PURITY GUM™ Ultra disperses in water quickly without dusting, saving you time and cleanup.

This emulsifier works well in cloudy non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages, including those with challenging actives, such as omega-3s, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and vitamins in weighted and non-weighted systems. You also can remove weighting agents and still have a highly stable system.

HI-CAP™ 100 encapsulant is a high-performance ingredient that protects and delivers flavours, carotenoids, fatty esters, and vitamins to numerous types of products ranging from bartender drink mixes to bakery mixes and supplements.

Battling to keep your product costs low, while maintaining the delicious drinking experience in hot beverages? Look to Ingredion for our range of plant-based emulsifiers as cost-effective alternatives to dairy ingredients, with the same product stability and drinking experiences you have come to expect.

With the global trend toward clean and simple ingredients, Ingredion has stepped up to develop one of the most efficient nature-based emulsifiers ever with extract from the quillaja tree. Q-NATURALE® quillaia extract carries up to four times the oil load of traditional emulsifiers such as gum Arabic. Sustainably and organically farmed and non-GMO, this naturally-sourced ingredient can deliver oil -based flavours and nutrients, even in clear beverages. It also stabilises oil-based natural colours, such as beta-carotene, to ride on the current market movement towards natural colours.

Q-NATURALE® recently won a 2015 Ringier Technology Innovation award in China, an award made in conjunction with Food Ingredients Asia    

One of the latest emulsification technologies from Ingredion is FOAMATION foaming agents. These sustainably extracted ingredients from quillaja create stable, lasting foam that hints freshness in a range of beverages from soft drinks to beer. They even help increase overrun in frozen carbonated beverages, helping you save money on raw materials. Most of all, FOAMATION™ foaming agents create memorable drinking experiences, giving you an edge in the market.

Breakthrough Beverages

Quickly create beverage concepts with intriguing flavours, sweetness without sugar and frothy freshness.

FOAMATION™ Q 200 foaming agent

Great foams and froths with great stability. Watch the video for more information.

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