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Clean. Simple. Wholesome.

From flavourful sauces and fresh-tasting juices to smooth organic yogurts, consumers want products made from a few simple, familiar and recognisable ingredients. And they want all that with close-to-nature goodness reflected on labels of the products they buy.

Of course, delivering clean and simple labels can present many challenges. Your products have to retain the just-right texture, shelf-life stability and nutritional power consumers expect from foods and beverages. So how do you combine top-notch functionality with clean and simple formulations? 

That’s the work of the Wholesome innovation springboard at Ingredion Idea Labs™ problem solving. We collaborate with you to find the best solutions for your product needs. Your large-scale products can look, taste and feel homemade, with labels to put consumer minds at ease. Our clean label formulation expertise results from years of research on the capabilities of nature-based ingredients, born of consumer research and deep analysis of market trends. 

Making less more

We have all tasted natural foods that lacked one essential ingredient: deliciousness. Ingredion’s global sensory program and expert sensory panels help you identify the exact textures and sensory attributes consumers want. Clean label formulations benefit from our applications knowhow and CULINOLOGY® expertise in making clean and simple foods and beverages tastier than ever—even gluten-free and egg-free products.

At the intersection of our wide ingredient portfolio, our deep applications knowhow and our focus on cost optimisation, you can create better products that stand out on the shelf with clean and simple labels. At Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centres, we are looking holistically at simple, nature-based ingredients and seeking greater capabilities from every clean label ingredient we make.

It’s about so much more than what your labels say. It’s about formulating products consumers will love with processes that meet ever more exacting demands. It’s about creating products that keep your margins healthy. And it’s about delivering delicious foods and beverages. Consumers won’t just love what you make. They’ll become loyal custodians of your brand.

Replace the unfamiliar with the familiar, modified with native, and feature minimally processed ingredients—in everything from dairy, savoury to bakery, batters & breadings and prepared foods.

Here are a few of the other breakthrough products in the clean and simple world.

NOVATION® functional native starches made their debut 20 years ago as the clean and simple movement started in Europe. We now offer more than 35 NOVATION® starches, including organic options derived from corn, tapioca, potato and rice. Designed to texturise, thicken and stabilise your products, they carry simple trusted ingredient listings such as “starch.”

Flour is one of the most recognised and label-friendly ingredients in the world. Yet you need consistent performance, an ability to withstand processing, a long shelf-life, and above all, great textures and flavours that last. With our HOMECRAFT® functional flours, including tapioca and rice flours,, you can offer the simple labels consumers prefer while maintaining all texture and functionality crucial to the success of your products. From crispy breadings, to rich sauces and gravies.

Deliver just-right, natural-tasting sweetness while reducing sugar with plant-based ENLITEN® stevia. When you can offer consumers deliciously sweet products with less sugar and clean simple labels, you win in the market.

Q-NATURALE® quillaia extract is ideal for beverages with natural colours and flavours—while delivering several times the oil load of traditional emulsifiers.

We offer a wide range of non-GMO ingredients, including starches, flours, sweeteners, emulsifiers, and nutrition ingredients, all meeting third-party non-GMO standards and requirements of the countries in which Ingredion operates and supplies ingredients. 

Sensational savoury

Talk to our experts to solve your ingredient, processing and application challenges together.

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