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Our Sustainability Plan

It is our aspiration to become the Employer, Supplier, Neighbor, Investment and Company of Choice for our many stakeholders. To do this, we are committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout our organization and to adhering to high moral and ethical standards wherever we do business. From our high safety standards, to our investments in operational excellence, to our efforts in environmental conservation, and to our community stewardship activities, we believe that operating in a sustainable manner benefits more than our business; it benefits our communities and our way of life.

Committed to respecting our environment and the people in the communities which we operate, we strive to continuously reduce environmental impact, innovate for the future and care for our people and community. Join us as we harness our Corporate Sustainability Responsibility initiatives to foster environmental sustainability and a safe and healthy working space for all.

We believe high safety, quality, environmental and sustainability standards in our supply chain are vital to our business. We support our suppliers in their efforts to produce sustainable raw materials, particularly agricultural crops, with respect for society and the environment.

We are members of the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI) and are dedicated to responsible sourcing, organising initiatives to promote best practice sharing in the agricultural community.

- More than 800,000 metric tons sustainably sourced

- Improved crop efficiency for over 15,000 farmers in Asia-Pacific

- Trained over 4,000 farmers with the Model Farmer Program in Thailand 

We are dedicated to being good stewards of the environment. We understand the importance of environmentally sound manufacturing practices that conserve resources and enable us to grow our business in a sustainable manner. We recognize the human need for access to key resources such as clean water, and throughout our organisation, we focus on conserving natural resources. We encourage our employees to participate in conservation efforts, both at work and in their communities.

- Received an Excellence Award from Thailand’s Ministry of Industry in recognition of Ingredion Kalasin plant’s water conservation and river restoration efforts

- Committed to transparent reporting in carbon emissions disclosures and water stress assessments

- Signatory to the UN Global Compact

We are dedicated to continually improving every aspect of our operations to enhance efficiency and undertake initiatives to foster a culture of excellence. We benchmark ourselves against the highest globally recognised standards and constantly raise the bar on our performance. We optimise our workflow and supply chain for quality and stability by training our staff to meet high global standards.

- Over 70% of employees trained in Lean Six Sigma

- Certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

- Received Seven-Star Food Safety Award in China

We are dedicated to producing high-quality ingredients while relentlessly pursuing innovative new products that deliver value for our customers and shareholders. We are committed to creating products that support our own sustainability efforts, the changing needs of our customers and society in general. Ingredion Idea Labs™ innovation centers utilise advanced process technology and science-based problem-solving to develop novel products from natural ingredients.

- Acquired Ingredion Banglen plant – our first rice-based plant in 2017
- Expanded Ingredion Kalasin plant to improve capabilities and production to support clean label food and beverage formulation

We are dedicated to proactively engaging our local communities to enhance the prosperity of our people, our neighbours and other local stakeholders. We support and promote employee engagement and volunteerism in the areas in which we operate, as well as philanthropic efforts at both the corporate and individual employee level, making a meaningful difference in those places where we do business around the world. We empower the underprivileged with community involvement programs like food drives and home rebuilding.

- Organised over 30 community service initiatives

- Funded scholarships worth for children from low-income families

- Collaborated with The Global FoodBanking Network

We are dedicated to the welfare of our employees, business associates and the communities in which we operate. We promote ethical business practices and strive to protect and support human rights. We know that our efforts to maintain a socially responsible supply chain are important to our business, customers and other stakeholders.   

- More than 95% of our sites are audited under 4-pillar Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit (SMETA)
- Ensured our key suppliers are registered with Sedex
- Committed to creating responsible value chains

We foster a world-class, safety-first environment where providing a secure and healthy work environment for our employees is our priority. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety at our facilities and continually strive for zero injuries to our employees, visitors and those working on our behalf.

-          Received more than 7 safety recognition awards from the government in Thailand 

We endeavour to create a business of the highest integrity throughout our worldwide operations. We adhere to robust governance policies that drive ethical practices and promote adherence to laws and regulations that affect our operations. We foster an honest and transparent culture that facilitates trust, from management to employees and partners.

- One of Ethisphere Institute’s ‘World’s Most Ethical Companies’, 2014- 2017.

- One of FORTUNE’s ‘World’s Most Admired Companies’, 2010-2017

2017 Sustainability Update

Ingredion Company of Choice for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Ingredion Company of Choice for a Sustainable Tomorrow


Company of Choice for a Sustainable Tomorrow Plan

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