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Create cleaner label bakery fillings

Baked goods are among the top five applications consumers want to be clean label, according to Ingredion’s proprietary ATLAS research. The global trend for clean label is only accelerating because of the global pandemic, with more consumers saying they’re buying natural, additive-free products.

Ingredion’s range of clean label starches deliver the functionality you need without an E-number. Discover how to clean up your labels for shorter, more recognisable ingredient lists, or attractive positionings like ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, that give consumers transparency they can trust..

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Discover bakery fillings solutions

Whether you want to create the right creamy texture, optimise recipe costs, or reduce sugar to meet key consumer trends, Ingredion can help you find the solution for your needs. Discover our portfolio of innovative ingredient solutions for a wide range of bakery filling applications.

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Clean label strawberry filling

Learn how to formulate a clean label injectable high brix fruit filling for post-baked products that provides good firmness, texture and flavour.

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Ingredient solutions 

Our range of innovative ingredients allow you to create cleaner label bakery fillings that appeal to today’s savvy consumers looking for transparency. Speak to us today to find the right solution for your needs or order a sample online. 

HOMECRAFT Create 365 flour

HOMECRAFT® Create 365 flour

This multifunctional tapioca flour delivers improved flavour, texture stability over shelf life and creaminess, as well as a cleaner label declarations.

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NOVATION Indulge clean label starches
 NOVATION® Indulge clean label starches

These easy to use co-texturisers provide superior stability, have a high process tolerance, are effective at low usage levels and have a clean taste profile.

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NOVATION Prima clean label starches
NOVATION PRIMA® clean label starches

These clean label starches combine viscosity with high freeze/thaw stability, ideal for fruit preparation and fruit pie bakery fillings.

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NOVATION clean label starches

NOVATION® clean label starches

Our portfolio of more than 25 NOVATION® clean label starches lets you formulate cleaner label bakery fillings for discerning consumers.

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NOVATION Lumina clean label starches
NOVATION® Lumina clean label starches

Particularly suitable for light-coloured applications with delicate flavours, NOVATION® Lumina functional native starches enable you to create clean label bakery fillings.

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  • Finding the right ingredient for your bakery filling formulation can be a challenge. Our team of experts are ready to support you and help you find the solution that meets your objectives.

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  • If you know which ingredient you need in your formulation you can request a sample quickly and simply online. Use our 'how to choose' tools to find the product you are looking for. 
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