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DIAL-IN® Technology

Take the shortest path to perfect texture and sweetness

Indulge your consumers with delicious foods and drinks with sweetness that’s just right and textures that make them hungry for more. With our DIAL-IN® Technology, a rapid, robust consumer-centric approach to product development, you can target and achieve your definition of product perfection faster than ever. Our unique five-step process guides you in the right direction expertly and efficiently.

DIAL-IN® Technology, step by step

Your challenges and goals drive every part of our five-step process.

Together we’ll explore your business and technical priorities, including functional performance standards, manufacturing requirements, potential label claims, cost goals, timeline and more. We’re here to learn everything about your needs so we can unlock your challenges and deliver consumer-winning solutions.

After we understand all of your goals, we’ll gather consumer insights, sensory preferences and competitor product intelligence. These insights, combined with our flavour, texture and sweetness expertise, will lead us to the best solutions for you.

From crunchy and savoury to chewy and fruity, the consumer experiences of texture and sweetness are crucial to the success of your products—and they’re also quite complicated. With our TEXICON™ food texture language and SWEETABULARY™ sweetness language, we can translate those sensory experiences into quantifiable terms, enabling you to achieve the desired qualities in your products. Delight your consumers with the eating and drinking experiences that make life more enjoyable. 

With years of experience and expertise in processing, we keep your requirements top of mind. Temperature profile. Acidity/pH. Flow properties and more. You can be confident that our solutions will not only result in superior products, but also processes optimised for efficiency

This is where it all comes together. With advice from our applications experts, you can choose from our broad portfolio of functional ingredients to formulate products that hit all your goals and delight your consumers. By pinpointing where your product should be on sensory maps, we can build the exact texture and sweetness profile you seek. Our culinologist research chefs bring the latest culinary trends to the table to develop prototypes. We’ll guide you through every step of our DIAL-IN® Technology process so that you can be sure your next product launch is your best ever.

Engage the senses

Memorable sensory experiences make for loyal customers. 

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