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HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour

HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 flour is a faba bean flour which is the mechanically milled and processed portion of the dehulled split faba bean cotyledons.

HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 provides excellent oil and water binding properties in various applications. Its natural high protein content can help support protein content claims and nutritionally balanced formulation.

In gluten-free applications, HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 can replace wheat flour and works best when combined with starches from our NOVATION® range. Its naturally mild flavour allows a usage in high moisture applications of HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 while maintaining a balanced flavour profile.

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Perform with plant-based, protein rich ingredients

Create exciting new food products that are highly nutritious, fortified with protein and naturally gluten-free with our new pulse flour. With an increasingly health-conscious population demanding more nutritious, high-protein foods, discover how Ingredion’s HOMECRAFT® Pulse 3105 faba bean flour can help you tap into this trend by creating protein-enriched, healthy foods. 

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