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NOVATION® 9330 starch

NOVATION® 9330 appears as an off-white to cream coloured fine powder. It is the Certified Organic Tapioca based functional native starch that is recommended for high temperature, high shear, or low pH food processing systems. This product is designed for use in processed foods labelled as Organic or 100% Organic. It adds texture and stability to a wide variety of food products that undergo the heat and shear extremes of food processing. It is used in aseptic puddings, dips and sauces and salad dressings as well as highly acidic systems such as fruit fillings.

This product is compliant with the German legislation under the EC Genetic Engineering Implementation Act (EGGenTDurchfG) and is suitable for certifications according to the VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel Ohne Gentechnik) "Ohne Gentechnik" Standard. Compliance confirmation is available and valid for one calendar year, and will be renewed on an annual basis.

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62% of consumers say their interest in how food is sourced, produced and packaged has increased in the last two years.* For these savvy shoppers, an organic label gives them the reassurance that their chosen product is traceable and trustworthy.

Discover how Ingredion’s organic functional native starches allow you to formulate organic products that deliver the taste, texture and transparency that modern consumers are looking for.

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* Ingredion Age of Clean Label Report, 2019.
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