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Design delicious-tasting flavoured water and carbonated beverages

Consumers love great-tasting beverages, but they’re growing more reluctant to spend their calorie budgets on beverages with little functional or nutritional value. You can offer irresistible value to consumers by boosting functional or nutritional benefits in your beverages and reducing calories at the same time.

Deliver new and exciting functionalities and reduce calories in soft drinks with our wide range of ingredients. Collaborate with our experts to formulate with fruit juices and purees, proteins and soluble fibres, sweeteners, texturizers, and emulsifiers to deliver the value and drinking experience consumers want.

Create great-flavoured water with an optimal balance between sweetness and calories with our broad ingredient portfolio and formulation expertise. Whatever your goals, from simplifying labels to taking advantage of cost-effective, better-for-you options, we can work together to achieve them.

Select just the right sweetener for your carbonated beverages and meet your development goals with our technical expertise and application savvy. Choose from plant-based ingredients or explore cost reduction initiatives in flavour emulsions for classic soft drinks. And take advantage of the only Americas-based stevia supply chain with products traceable from cultivation to formulation.

Consumers are cutting calories, presenting a great opportunity for your low-calorie beverage portfolio. Achieve the right balance of calories without compromising flavour and sweetness with stevia leaf extract, fruit juices or even the classic high potency sweeteners. Together, we can explore ideas to enrich your light and sugar-reduced beverages with functional ingredients. And you can optimize sweetness and mouthfeel when ingredients are added, replaced or removed with our proprietary DIAL-IN® Technology.

Produce amazing foams and increase overrun—while reducing the amount of sugar used per serving—with FOAMATION foaming agents. In frozen carbonated beverages where structured and long-lasting foam is relevant to your consumers, look to our plant-based ingredients and applications expertise.

FOAMATION is a trademark owned by Desert King International and licensed to Ingredion Incorporated.

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ENLITEN® Reb A stevia

Put consistent naturally based sweetness in and take sugar and calories out.

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Deliver the best of nature in your foods and beverages. 

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