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Deliver comfort in every bowl

The best soups don’t just taste good—they feel good. Give consumers the homemade textures that make soup satisfying. Our experts can help you translate global trends into delicious, cost-effective and scalable formulations, including chef-inspired recipes, better-for-you options and products with the simple labels consumers are looking for.

Deliver made-from-scratch appeal and superior textures with recognized ingredients that consumers want. Our formulation experts can show you how—with NOVATION® functional native starches for stability and HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours for homemade texture—all with the advantage of clean label claims.

You want to treat consumers to high-quality soup experiences while controlling your costs. With Ingredion, you can deliver more for less. For example, you can reduce butter, cream and milk and still deliver creamy, decadent soups with our PRECISA® Cream texturizing systems. Improve your margins and get superior tastes and textures with Ingredion.

You can create premium soups with homemade, familiar textures—without gluten-containing flour—with our HOMECRAFT® Pulse flours. Replace allergens and reflect it on your labels while keeping the comforting qualities consumers crave.

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Optimize eating experiences and costs.

NOVATION® functional native starches

No one else offers NOVATION® functional native starches— the performance of modified starches, but with just "starch" on the label.

Clean up your labels

Keep labels clean and consumers happy with our specialty ingredients. 

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